Redstone Team Pic

Philippines 2015

In January 2015, Redstone took a team of combat veterans to the Philippines to work with and assist our partner NGO – Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation (PDRF).

The operational experience and highly specialized training that defines members of the special operations and combat arms community  directly translated into meaningful work in the humanitarian sector.

Our projects will range across a spectrum of issues in the humanitarian space, from monitoring the regrowth of mangrove habitats destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan, to infrastructural assessments and disaster response contingency planning.

To highlight some of the work we were able to accomplish:

-Captured aerial imagery using drone technology of a landslide region on the island of Leyte, giving PDRF a visual image of where the landslide occurred and the devastation areas that are non-­‐accessible by land.

-Waterproof and seal a temporary housing system known as the “Butterfly House” that  is used for displaced persons, and installed solar panels as well as water filtration systems in the community.

-In Panippiason, the team will collect a consensus of the village’s recommendations for PDRF concerning what is needed to improve the sight and improve the quality of life in the region.

-Continued site survey of a Marikina Watershed two hours outside Metro Manila – collecting grid coordinates and providing imagery of the reforested region to assist PDRF in analyzing the efficacy of their project.


The trip was impactful on a variety of levels – for the veterans participating and for the communities and organizations we assisted in our efforts. From building houses to collecting high-­‐resolution aerial imagery, Redstone’s team utilized the varied skillets of the individual teammates to create better mechanisms for the application of humanitarian response and crisis mitigation.