Redstone Project Mission 3: Survey of Mangrove Redevelopment, Leyte Island

One of the less obvious but more detrimental effects of Typhoon Haiyan was the large-scale destruction of the mangrove forests. These 10 to 15-foot tall, thick-branched trees grow in shallow coastal waters and are vital to supporting a healthy ecosystem. Their loss has proven to be a devastating blow to the local economies that depend […]

Redstone Project Mission 2: Aerial Survey of Landslide, Tacloban

One of the most heart-rending stories we heard involved the massive landslide in Tacloban. A large family in a small fishing village left their coastal home in a bid to escape the looming storm surge and fled to a relative’s home inland, only to have that home washed violently away by the crushing tide of […]

Redstone Project Mission 1: House Building, Tacloban

The 200mph winds and 20-foot storm surge from Typhoon Haiyan left literally millions of people homeless. The worst of the damage was in Tacloban, and we thought there would be no more appropriate way for Redstone to kick off its first mission than to put strong backs into building homes for Tacloban’s displaced. Alongside local […]