What We Do

Redstone teams support the effectiveness and efficiency of our partner organizations. We apply fundamental and basic decision-making principles learned in combat and in the special operations forces community of the U.S. military to the humanitarian arena.

Redstone’s mission is to assist NGOs in the humanitarian sector in meeting their goals, and thus making a positive and impressive impact at the global level.

By providing a new platform of service, we give combat veterans the opportunity to utilize their experience and training outside of the typical military context. We provide an institutional, hands-on vehicle for transitioning out of the military into the next phase of life.


How Redstone Operates

How We Work with Partner NGOs

1. Identify the need  
2. Build collaborative plan
3. Teams monitor in the field
4. Teams send information to Redstone analysts
5. Analysts tailor information
6. NGO equipped with actionable reports

Untitled What We Do