Why we started Redstone

Redstone was founded by a team of former and current reconnaissance marines who have operated in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and throughout the world.

As veterans who have navigated the transition from military to civilian life, we understand the difficulties of this transition firsthand. While we have managed to find success, it was not without its hardships.

Coming from operating in a small team environment, the transition to a more individualistic way of life can be wearing. Finding commonality with classmates and co-workers who have little to no military affiliation can be alienating. Finding ways to make your military experience relevant and applicable in the civilian world can be daunting. We have struggled with these issues ourselves and we have seen our brothers struggle, often unable to find a footing in the civilian world. It’s not due to a lack of competence, ability or intelligence.

We started Redstone to provide a platform in the humanitarian sector where our military skills are not only applicable, but coveted. Redstone gives operators and combat arms veterans the ability to make an impact, to continue their service, and to transition out of the military into a community of veterans ready to tackle the world’s most salient and relevant problems, from the domestic to the international.

Philippines Site Survey

Redstone’s leadership spent 10 days touring the most devastated regions of the Philippines in April 2014. We established relationships with local civic leaders and established a partnership with the Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation (PDRF).

We’re excited to work with such an established and successful NGO, and bring our fellow brothers along to assist PDRF in enhancing humanitarian operations in the region.